YHWH and Son Inc.

Our experienced Hebrew family corporation is owned and operated by YHWH, the Mashiach and His bride, Israel.  We have over 6000 years of experience and are specialists in our field.

Our product is a fool proof set of instructions on how to choose life over death.

Our company aims at empowering you to have everlasting peace and harmony with the Master of the Universe, YHWH while bringing unity with creation.

We aim to encourage as many people as possible from all generations to accept our product.  

Our product is the one and only genuine article on the market.  Don’t be fooled by the imitations!  

Our product comes with an eternal guarantee and kosher seal.

Our Family provides the best possible training to our staff to meet our customer’s need of having eternal life.  

Our staff monitor your progress 24/7 and satisfaction is guaranteed!  

All employees receive rigorous ongoing training, and are subject to regular performance reviews.  Your feedback is not only welcome it is encouraged.  

Employees in our Company learn how to worship our Boss in spirit and in truth.  

Our uniform is very distinctive; it is one you will be honoured to wear.  Plus our male staff must be circumcised.  

Come and join in, you will love our food and the singing and dancing.  Once you use our product, you will want to join our company.

Customer Advice:

We warn our customers to follow the instructions of our product carefully otherwise we take no responsibility for the careless actions of others if killed or injured.


All attempts to copy our product will fail so we recommend that our customers choose wisely to avoid disappointment.  

We are the only Company who has this special recipe for eternal life in unity with YHWH.

Our Price:

You really cannot put a price on this commodity.  

This product is truly priceless.  No financial transaction is accepted.  

And if you are not completely satisfied, just return our product anytime.

Do not miss out on our special offer as time is limited.